Columbus IN Crit

August 3, 2003

 Rider Team Place Field
Savage Hill Cycling Team Archive 
Cat 3-4 
  Joe Niccum: 11th, Cat 3-4
Joe Niccum
One place out of the money. It was a small field of less than thirty on a 4 coner course with wide turns. There were many attacks in the hour long race. Maybe two of them had good potential, but that just motivated the stong guys to chase. The mix just wasn't right and no team was well represented. (no more than 2-3 per team)
I ganged up with a guy who is a good break away specialist, but it didn't work out well. He went with Shave Dave, and myself in tow with 2 laps left pulling a whole lap plus a corner. Because we didn't have good communication, it went to pot. It was my turn to pull, but I hesitated a bit and that may have ruined things. During my pull, we were caught and they flew around us going into one of the turns so I had to set back up for the sprint. I ended up with a bad position and could only muster an 11th placing for the day. You take your chances and you get what you put into it.